Auto Care Training Academy

Jumpstart Your Career in Auto Care

Invest in your future with our affordable, comprehensive 5-day training program. Tailored for post-high school students,

5-Day Immersive Training

Auto Care Training Academy

Equipped with these highly sought-after skills, you’ll be ready to step into the automotive industry. Our program ensures you’re highly employable, opening doors to various job opportunities.

$1999/per person

Auto Care Training Academy

Master the Art of Ceramic Coating

Enhance your detailing skills with our comprehensive Ceramic Coating Training. From material characteristics to flawless application, unlock the secrets of ceramic coating.

Auto Care Training Academy

Polish Like a Pro

Polish your way to perfection with our specialized training programs. Choose from introductory and advanced courses to elevate your polishing skills.

Auto Care Training Academy

Next Level Auto Detailing

Experience tailored training with our auto detailing package. Delve into interior, exterior, and the business side for comprehensive skill development.

"As the owner of a small detailing shop, I was looking for ways to diversify our services and increase our revenue. The Ceramic Coating Training provided by RC Auto Care was a game-changer. We're not just offering a new service; we're offering a premium one that has dramatically boosted our profits. Plus, the marketing strategies we learned have made a tangible difference in our customer engagement. I can confidently say this training was an investment that paid off exponentially."

Jake L.

"We've been in the detailing business for over 3 decades, and keeping up with the industry trends is crucial. The Ceramic Coating Training from RC Auto Care helped us stay competitive and relevant. The comprehensive training was more than a technical class; it was a complete business lesson. From pricing to advertising to sales techniques, we gained invaluable knowledge that set us apart from the competition."

Mark L.

"As a relatively new business in the auto detailing market, we were on the lookout for ways to stand out. RC Auto Care's Ceramic Coating Training was the answer. Not only did it allow us to add a high-margin service to our offerings, but the business and digital marketing resources provided also helped us elevate our online presence and attract more customers. We're now proudly delivering top-tier ceramic coating services and seeing our profits grow each month."

Kyle R.

Top Notch Support

At RC Auto Care, we provide unparalleled support to ensure your automotive journey is seamless. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to assisting you every step of the way, from answering your questions to providing expert advice. Count on us for exceptional customer service and a hassle-free experience. See what our satisfied customers have to say: